Friday, January 2, 2015

Throwback NYE 2015 Party

Throwback NYE 2015 Party

Cruising Time

1st week and 3rd week of January 2015

Leisure World will be calling at Singapore Cruise Centre (Harbour Front Centre) on 07th and 21st January, Wednesday, between 730am to 8am.

Passenger alighting at HFC require to pay a security charge of S$8 each OR additional of S$58 each to remain onboard.

Leisure World shall remains at HFC till 1pm departs.

Check-in counter at HFC shall opens at 10am and gate close at 12pm. All passenger must reach HFC by 1145am. 

Passenger can only start boarding at 11am onwards, lunch will be provided.

Fares embarking from HFC at S$50, except children below 12 and senior citizen above 55 at S$30.

First ferry from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal is at 220pm.

First ferry from Leisure World back to Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal is at 5pm.

For more info Leisure World Schedule